Abrasive Blasting

Abrasive Blasting On Site CanberraThis service we offer is a technique where we use several types of blasting media including:

  • Black Beauty;
  • Crushed Garnet;
  • Glass Bead; and
  • Urea; plus in some circumstances Bicarb Soda.

Abrasive blasting is a process of cleaning or preparing a surface by forcibly, under high pressure, propelling or blowing a stream of abrasive material against the object. This produces a roughened surface or a smooth texture (depending on technique and finish wanted) by removing dirt, rust, paint and scale or other contaminants on a solid surface.

Scope of work:

  • Vintage cars, car parts (rims are very popular), plant machinery, motorcycles and motorcycle parts, pushbikes, aluminium and fiberglass boats, trailers;
  • Any antique items including beds, cots, toy prams to name a few;
  • Gates and metal outdoor settings;
  • Glass and mirrors – producing a frosted finish or creating a pattern in the glass;
  • Insurance work – fire, smoke and rust; and
  • Restoration work of all and any form.

We pride ourselves in work we have carried out for conservators in the art world restoring art sculptures back to their original beauty.

Abrasive blasting concrete is another technique we perform, exposing the aggregate in the concrete creating a desired effect. Sometimes this technique is also used to create a nonslip finish. Pavers are often blasted to produce this effect.

Pressure cleaning with a high powered water cleaner is another service we offer removing graffiti and grime off walls and concrete floors.

Our service and expertise extends to sealing the newly exposed metal or item with undercoat / primer paint and top coat painting if desired, after we have finished blasting or preparing the surface. Our aim is to please and cover all bases…

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