Laser Cutting


In a continued effort to provide our customers with the highest quality manufacturing processes, Mobile Fabrications has recently added laser-cutting & new bending technology to the list of services we already offer. We pride ourselves with great service to meet the needs of our local & further afield clients.

One of the greatest benefits of Laser Cutting is the high level of precision it offers, that can be used to cut metals and a variety of other materials. The process utilises a high-powered beam, also known as a laser, in order to cut the intended material. This process creates a precise cut increasing the level of complexity that can be created. The precision and small turnaround times associated with laser cutting often makes it an efficient, cost-effective manufacturing option.

A laser cutter is quickly becoming one of the most effective alternatives to many traditional metal cutting methods currently available. Laser cut edges are cleaner than those cut by more traditional methods, including waterjet, turret-punch, and laser die cutting. In fact, the edges are cut so precisely that no further operations (deburring, etc.) are necessary, also reducing the amount of material used (reducing scrap).

Our laser cut parts are tailor made to our customers’ specifications and industry-specific standards and are monitored and inspected to verify that products are produced according to specification.

The variety of materials that we can cut include stainless steel, aluminium, steel up to 20mm thickness & perspex. We provide in house programming & CAD drawing to create your project specification.

Not to be forgotten is our new large technically advanced CNC Bending Machine, adding to our range of capabilities. The machine has a 160tonne capacity which enables the bending of up to a 6mm plate on a 4 metre bed. It creates the opportunity to enhance the use of our laser cutting machine by giving us the ability to bending laser cut profiles into the shape specified.

We strive to provide high quality, professional services, catering to a variety of industries, including construction, electrical, fastening, food, appliance, automotive, hardware, recreational, the artistic & designer world, sign writing, landscapers, and a valuable tool for hobbyists to name a few. Any design you can create we can make.

Our new laser cutting & bending capabilities at Mobile Fabrications allows us to increase the in-house custom manufacturing services we provide for all of our customers’ needs. Additionally, our other services include: welding, fabrication, abrasive blasting and powder coating.

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